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Caribbeancom 051920-001 Azumi Nakama Ichiki Miho Dynamite

El Nino

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Azumi Nakamura, dressed in a dress similar to underwear, appears in the popular series "Dynamite" specializing in dynamite bodies. At the bar counter, two handsome men in underwear are drawn from the left and right as they are drawn to Azumi, a beautiful busty beauty who longs for a man. Azumi is played with her big tits as she is entrusted with her body, licked all over the body, distorting her facial expression and feeling Azumi. The pussy that digs into her underwear is already wet enough that the indigo liquid is about to drip, and her expression that she wants to touch her silently is too erotic. This time, Azumi, who has been completely burnt down and is bitten by a red rope, is already excited to touch anywhere on the body, and enjoys the ultimate pleasure. Two hard cocks that I do not want to hold are caught at the same time, and finally inserted after being licked. The men move their hips violently, and after changing their positions, they shake their hips more violently. He was drowning in lust while enjoying the excitement of disturbing his hair.

スケスケの下着に近いドレスで身を包みんだ仲間あずみが、ダイナマイトボディーに特化した人気シリーズ「ダイナマイト」に登場。 バーのカウンターで男を待ち望む美巨乳美人のあずみに引き寄せられて下着姿のイケメン男二人が左右から歩み寄る。身体を預けてされるがままに自慢の巨乳を弄ばれ、身体中を舐めまわされて、表情を歪ませてひたすら感じるあずみ。下着を食い込ませたオマンコはすでに藍液が滴りそうになるくらい濡れていて、無言で「触ってほしいと」と訴える表情がエロすぎる。すっかり火照った身体に今度は赤い縄を食い込ませられて、すでに身体のどこを触れられても感じるほどに興奮しているあずみが至極の快楽を味わうことになる。欲してやまない硬い肉棒を二本も同時に咥え、舐め尽くした後ついに挿入を許される。男たちは激しく腰を動かし、体位を変えてはさらに激しく腰を振る。髪を振り乱して病みつきになる程の興奮を味わいながら愛欲に溺れていくのであった。


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